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Environmental Inspection & Testing

Is your home or office making you sick?

We have been in the Philadelphia and Tri-state area mold inspection industry since 2014 and have performed more than 3000 inspections on home and commercial properties.

We provide mold inspection services including air quality testing, surface sampling, and thermal imaging.  

Our Services

Mold Inspection

Protect your health with preventative mold testing. 

Commercial Inspection

Keep your employees and customers safe.

Comprehensive Report

We’ll provide you with images of our work and a detailed inspection summary.

Unbiased Testing

With no conflict of interest, our team will provide you with an accurate assessment of your property.

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Mold Inspection

When your property has a mold problem, the issue needs to be solved quickly and effectively. When working with SIS, we’ll respond right away. You’ll receive an inspection report that is clear and easy to understand with results interpreted.

Since SIS only performs testing and inspections, and not remediation, our reports are unbiased. We won’t magnify a problem in hopes of performing costly repairs.

Completed Projects

Years in Philadelphia

No Conflict of Interest

  • ESIS only does mold testing and inspections and not mold remediation, as a result, our results are unbiased and accurate
  • EWe don’t invent or exaggerate mold issues in the hopes of making money on the remediation

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Strong Local Presence

  • EFamiliar with the local housing
  • EInspected many 100+ year-old homes having stone foundations especially in the Philadelphia area (We even inspected an 18th century home!)

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